Amazon, which has evolved to be one of the best online books and electronics providers, has a history. Starting in 1995, Amazon Logo looked like a snaky ‘A’, and today, it is smiling ‘A to Z.’

Amazon has been around since 1994 when Jeff Bezos founded the company in his garage. The company multiplied, and by 1999, it was selling books on CD-ROM discs. By 2002, Amazon had become the world’s largest bookseller.

Today, Amazon sells everything from electronics to clothing to toys. They even sell food! And they do so at prices that are often lower than other companies.

Amazon first homepage design

Amazon first homepage design


The “New” logo from 1995

Amazon Logo 1995

Variations on that logo through Early 1997:

Amazon Logo 1997 A
Amazon Logo 1997 B
Amazon Logo 1997 C
Amazon Logo 1997 D
Amazon Logo 1997 Animated

1997 Logo Update – lowercase serif font:

Amazon Logo in Lower Serif Font

Early 1998 with white background

Amazon Logo with big yellow

Above Briefly used 1998 as Logo with a big yellow circle

Later-used 1998 Logo

Amazon Logo 1998 Late

2000 Amazon Logo:

Click on the image below to see the animation if you missed it.
Amazon Logo 2000 Animated

Lately: the 2002 Logo – “ – And you’re Done.”


Amazon Logo You are Done


Design agency Turner Duckworth created the now-iconic logo for Amazon in the year 2000 with a custom typeface. Cleverly, designer Anthony Biles devised a smile that connects the letters A and Z. Jeff Bezos wanted something produced quickly, without the typical market research and focus group feedback process. Reportedly, Bezos jokingly claimed, “Anybody who doesn’t like that logo doesn’t like puppies!”

Amazon Logo (2000)