pokemon go in Kuwait

Pokémon recently got real attention from game users because it crossed user numbers more than Snapchat and Google Maps. As a former addictive player of the clash of clans, it captured my attention, and I started to think about how Pokémon Go in Kuwait would be fun to play. In brief, Pokémon Go is Nintendo’s first step into augmented reality apps for iOS and Android devices. Pokémon Go has already proved to be hit, with players worldwide downloading the app and hunting for pocket monsters.

I had an android device, S7 Galaxy, and gave it a try to install on it. If you want to enjoy Pokémon Go in Kuwait, I have written a separate post.

After installation, the game was fun to play, and I hunted few monsters in Sharq and some during the walk at Marina Crescent. I am positive it will be great entertainment who are fond of jogging and walking. While driving tried to see its functionality & impression. I have a personal fear that Pokémon Go in Kuwait will cause few accidents.

Pokémon Go is showing to be hugely successful, so if you’re helpless to connect to the server, verify out the Pokémon Go Server Status to make sure the server is online. If it is not, that may be why you cannot connect to Pokémon Go in Kuwait.

Share your experience with Pokémon Go in Kuwait here, happy hunting!