History of Amazon Logo

//History of Amazon Logo

History of Amazon Logo

Amazon, which has evolved to be one of the best online books and electronics providers, has a history. Started in 1995, Amazon Logo looked like snaky ‘A’ and today it is smiling ‘A to Z’

Amazon first homepage design

Amazon first homepage design


The “New” logo from 1995

logo from 1995

Variations on that logo through Early 1997:

Early 1997
 logo Early 1997
Early 1997
old logo

May 1997 Website Homepage, check Logo

old logo on site

From here (Microsoft article) – written by Michael Hyman, who – interestingly enough, went on to become a PM at Amazon.com

1997 Logo Update – lowercase serif font:

old amazon logo[larger name, black-on-white]

Early 1998

1998 logo

From here

Briefly used 1998 as Logo

short lived logo

Later-used 1998 Logo

old amazon logo

Music Store (and Tab) opens, June 1998 -Late 1998 Logo and Tabs

amazon homepage with logo

From here

1999 Logo and Tabs

old logo

From here

2000 Amazon Logo:

Click on the image below to see the animation if you missed it.
old logo

Lately: the 2002 Logo – “Amazon.com – And you’re Done.”

old amazon design logo
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